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At St Cedd's School we have a strong belief in the community feel of the school with the Old St Ceddians' Association providing a link between the school of the past, the present and the future.

St Cedd’s School celebrates 85th Anniversary with Alumni

St Cedd’s School invited ex-pupils and former staff to attend a marquee drinks reception to mark 85 years of excellence. The alumni event, which took place at the school site on New London Road on Friday 7 July 2017, provided an opportunity for Old St Ceddians to reunite and share stories of their school life, as well as tour the school to see its growth over the past 85 years. The occasion celebrated the high standards of the school from the past to the present day, with guests having attended the school in the 1940s to 1990s.

Dr Pamela Edmonds, Head of St Cedd’s School at the time, said, “It was a great pleasure to meet such an array of people connected with the school – some representing the early cohort and others who are more recent ex-pupils, current and recent parents who are Old St Ceddians, and former school staff.  It was evident that returning to St Cedd’s School engendered feelings of familiarity with the traditions and ethos that are still apparent, as we cherish our motto of ‘Hold Fast that which is Good’. The event illustrated our rich history and strong ties with the local community, and how important it is to keep in touch with those who have contributed to the school since it opened, whether as a pupil, a member of staff or a parent.” 

On display were old archived Words and Wonderings publications, school books and children’s work – providing much enjoyment as members of the alumni searched for their own work. 

Mr Matthew Clarke, Deputy Head at the time and the main organiser of the event, said, “We would like to thank all those who came along and we hope they enjoyed themselves, learnt something new about the school and maybe even met some old friends. It is our aim to continue similar events for the Old St Ceddians' Association in the future.” 

If you have links to St Cedd’s School and wish to join the Old St Ceddians' Association yourself, and be invited to similar events in the future, please contact or call 01245 392810.  

If you have attended St Cedd's School and would be interested in keeping in touch, please do take the time to download the contact form below or email to get in touch.

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