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Young Journalist Issue 4


Editorial Team

Chief Editor: Isabel Lay (6W)

Deputy Editor: Liana Hattotuwa (6D)

Food and Lifestyle Editor: Sophie Morley (6W)

Current Affairs Editor: Katie Maddison (6D)

Sports Editor: Alexander Aston (6D)

Quiz Editor: Daisy Edwards (6D)

Technology Editor: Osi Bhatt (6W)

Environment Editor: Evelyn Durrant-Hall (6W)

Education and Music Editor: Liana Hattotuwa (6D)

Books Editor: Isabel Lay (6W)

Chief Reporters and Photographers:

Ella Gilder-Briggs (6W)

Claudia Ingham (6W)

Naisha Joshi (6D)

Gavin Tang (6D)


Welcome from the Chief Editor...

Welcome to the 2019-2020 edition of Young Journalist. We have made a slightly-more-different-than-usual issue for you created from our own homes!


Look out for some art activities on the Lifestyle page and if you’re hungry, jump to this page to find recipes! An interesting emoji quiz is also waiting for you on the Lifestyle page - how well will you do? - and a selection of people’s viewpoints during this pandemic are begging to be read on the Current Affairs and Health pages.


There’s so many interesting things to read, so I’d like to thank all of the contributors, photographers and editors who’ve made this issue as special as it is.


So, what are you waiting for? Let the baking, crafting, quizzing, reviewing and, of course, reading, commence!


Isabel Lay

Chief Editor


By Raghav Agrawal, Osi Bhatt, Daisy Edwards, Liana Hattotuwa, Naisha Joshi, David Kalu, Isabel Lay, Sophie Morley and Eshaal Tufail

On Wednesday 2nd October 2019, a group of Year 6 Librarians had an amazing chance to interview the famous poet, Joseph Coelho. Here’s what he had to say:     


“What is your favourite colour?” 

“My favourite colour is yellow, not normal yellow but a mustard yellow!”


“If you were an ice cream flavour, what would you be?”

“As I am a lactose intolerant person, I cannot have normal milk. So, I would choose Ben and Jerry’s peanut and almond ice cream.”


“If you won the lottery, what would you spend it on?”

 “Beyond a bigger house and a new car, I would probably spend it on creating a charity for schools to have a library as good as this one here at St Cedd’s School.”    


“If you were not a poet, what would you be?”

“If I was not a poet, I would probably become a marine biologist. This is because I studied marine biology at university but took a different turn and began studying poetry.”       


“What is your favourite poem you have written?”

My favourite poem that I have written is called Aardvark. It simply involves an Aardvark."


‘‘Who inspired you?’’

‘‘I was inspired by other poets and authors like Roald Dahl."


‘If you had one wish, what would it be?’’

‘‘I wish that the government will come together and sort out climate change.’’


“Who was your favourite author while growing up?”

 “My favourite author was Michael Rosen."


“Where is your favourite place to be?”

 “I love being by the sea; I used to live there!”       


All these questions show that Joseph Coelho is a great poet, who is full of things to write down, and we must thank Mrs Wheater for organising this.


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