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St Cedd’s School pupils show support to the NHS and Key Workers with rainbow made of self-portraits

Pupils at St Cedd’s School, from age 3 to 11, have collectively produced a rainbow to show the School’s appreciation and gratitude for the NHS and Key Workers, and to spread positivity to the local community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rainbow, which is displayed outside St Cedd’s School on New London Road, was a whole school project involving the School’s youngest children in its Pre-School through to its oldest pupils in Year 6. Children created self-portraits wearing specific colours and wrote messages of thanks to the NHS and Key Workers within their timetabled Mindfulness sessions.

Mr Matthew Clarke, Head of St Cedd’s School in Chelmsford, says: “At St Cedd’s School we are always looking for ways to support our local community. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis our children have been writing letters to the elderly in local care homes, our staff have been providing childcare for the children of Key Workers, and I am delighted that the children of the School have pulled together, albeit remotely, to create this wonderful rainbow in support of the marvellous work that is currently being carried out by frontline Key Workers who are working selflessly and tirelessly to keep the rest of us safe. We are incredibly proud to have it on display outside the front of the School.”